ZetaSuite – The Toolbox

ZetaSuite is our latest business venture – a modular software suite, designed to streamline and optimize event organizers’ and tradeshow exhibitors’ workflows. Having launched the first module, ZetaLeads, in 2014, we’re now in the process of adding more modules to expand the suite. Whether the challenge is managing the registration for an event, planning a conference program or billing sponsors, exhibitors and visitors, ZetaSuite will offer a module to tackle that challenge.

In developing ZetaSuite, we focus on the users of our toolbox – event organizers, trade show exhibitors and conference centers. ISC Group is right at home in the event industry and we have been facing the same challenges as everyone else when it comes to organizing or exhibiting at events. That’s why it’s our aim to make their life easier and more productive through the use of our software.

ZetaLeads - The lead retrieval app that has it all covered.

ZetaLeads is the first module of ZetaSuite. It empowers trade show exhibitors by offering an easy way to capture, qualify and store new sales leads. The software consists of a smartphone app that allows booth staff to scan the information stored on visitors’ badges and qualify the lead further with notes and tags. A corresponding web portal, the ZetaLeads Exhibitors Center, enables exhibitors to customize their app and analyze the leads captured during an event.